Milo Stevens AKA "Blak"

A 24 year old infiltrator and medic.


ST 11
DX 13
IQ 12
HT 11

Danger Sense
Semi-literate (can read, but at roughly a third-grade level)

Black Powder Weapons/Musket [1/2] 14
Bow 16 15
Stealth 8 15
Guns/Rifle 8 18
Knife 8 16
Knife Throwing 1 13
Wrestling 4 14, Parry 7
First Aid 4 14
Diagnosis 2 11
Physician 2 11
Jumping [1/2] 12
Swimming [1/2] 12
Riding/Horse [1/2] 11
Armoury/Bows 2 12
Cooking 1 12
Lipreading 2 12
Pickpocket 2 12
Scrounging 1 12
Shadowing 6 14
Tracking 4 13
Holdout 2 12
Fast-Talk 2 12
Detect Lies 8 14
Area Knowledge 1 12
Diplomacy 2 11
Gambling 1 11
Survival/Plains 2 12
Survival/Woodlands 2 12
Survival/Urban 2 12

Gear: Springfield M1903A1 30-06 rifle with ten rounds, bow and twenty arrows, large knife, four small throwing knives, Swiss Army Knife, canteen, cloak, old gas mask, squirrel jerky, small doctor’s bag with collection of old medical instruments and gathered herbs


Milo was raised by his older brother on the roads near St Louis and Chicago. They both developed unique skill sets which they used to survive and barter with. They preferred to keep no company but their own, but would occasionally hire themselves out to any groups that had mutual interests.

As much of Milo and his brother’s time was spent alone, surviving often meant being silent and unseen, which he excelled at, hence the nickname of Blak. Living on the road physically hardened Milo leaving him fit and agile enough to easily traverse the rough and uneven terrain found in central Illinois and Missouri, as well as the broken rubble that fills what used to be thriving cities and towns. His brothers company however, left his spirits high and his mood light.

Most of his skills came from his brother, which in turn came from their father. This meant a lot of military first aid, hand to hand combat, and hunting.

Milo Stevens AKA "Blak"

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